About Northfield

A Brief History of Northfield

Northfield is an a cappella group based in the western Maine town of Farmington. We have been singing together, in varying line-ups, for over thirty years, and draw our repertoire largely from the sacred and popular music of Renaissance and Medieval Europe and the early American shape note tradition. Northfield’s namesake is the popular Early American fuguing tune by Jeremiah Ingalls, written in 1800.

Today, Northfield is an 12 member group, and recent concerts have featured works by Byrd, des Prez, and Farmington’s own Supply Belcher.

Current Members:
Soprano: Vicky Cohen, Margaret Cox, Michal Hatch
Alto: Jess Isler Nickerson, Mardie Porter, Joan Quinn
Tenor: Rowland Hazard, Mark Paddock, Dan Woodward
Bass: Josh Grams, Jesse Minor, Paul Stancioff

Northfield photo seated in concert hall

Visit our Archives page to view our alumni list

Contact Northfield

Please use this contact form to inquire about concerts, and for press information. (Submissions will not appear on the website, but will be emailed to Northfield members.)

Or send us a voicemail at (207) 200-7657, or email message: northfieldmaine AT gmail DOT com